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What We Do

Lemas Hotel Management is a state of the art firm which helps hotels, resorts, villas & bungalows manage reservations both direct and through Online Travel Agent (OTA) platforms. Not only do we manage reservations, we do many types of research to make sure the property excels and improves in profits strategically and we recognize through that research, the types of approach and techniques we would need to implement for your reservations platform. By doing this we can assure you of a better success in this hospitality industry.

Still not certainly assured about this?
Leave everything aside and look through our page, the hotels we own and the clients we cater to. Refer our properties and you judge if we are good at what we do.

Our main focal point in every property we undertake management is, maximizing profits by increasing revenue, and for that we initiate the processes and strategies advised earlier. Apart from this main focus, we handle other components related to management of the property. Such as handling all Guest Communication, management of OTA Client Reviews, development of all content to OTA’s, development of rate schemes & also we would make a distinct awareness of your property over social media.

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Terms and Conditions

  •  Legal Agreement
    Whole process is done legally and professionally at Lemas. We will prepare an agreement to be signed between Lemas Management & you, and we will do our end of the objectives and goals accordingly.
  •  Marketing Authority
    We are good at what we do, therefore once the agreement is signed we will freely apply our marketing strategies and tactics within the boundaries and we would have full authority to market the property within our mutual guidelines.
  •  Progress Tracking
    There would be a progress tracking every 3 months only if needed by the client. Based on that, we will plan for a change in strategies if needed and we will discuss about these with the client if necessary.
  •  Standards
    Any property that needs to be managed by us would need to meet our standard requirements as accommodation providers, as we only cater to properties which have specific standards and our clients should consistently accommodate their guests throughout with the same quality of standards.
  •  Contract Duration
    Our minimum contractual period of signing an agreement is 5 years.