About Handunkanda Nature (Eco) Resort

Handunkanda Nature (Eco) Resort is an eco-friendly resort built on a 200 acre land sitting on top of a mountain which includes wet and dry forests making this location a very distinct place to wild life. The whole resort consists of 15 rooms and a dormitory which all together and accommodate upto a 100 guests at the same time. It includes a beautiful natural water pool which sits on top of a natural rock. This resort also has many features which can cater to clients mental statuses, which includes team spirit building activities, leadership activities and motivational activities where the guests can experience these inside the resort itself. Lemas Management undertook management of this property due to the distinct features this resort provides and the amazing location it is located in, well hidden from urban life area and much more in the middle of a jungle.

Hotel Features

  •  Type : Eco resort
  •  No. of Rooms : 2 standard double rooms / 13 standard quadruple rooms / 50 accommodation single dormitory
  •  Swimming Pool: Yes
  •  Outdoor Fireplace: Yes

Nearby Attractions

  •  Sinharaja Rain Forest
  •  Pahiyangala pre-historic cave
  •  Gem mines